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Clinical Nutritionist

"My mission is to inspire and empower you to take your own health journey, leading to optimum health and energy - the foundation for everything in life."

Samantha is a mum, wife, cook, gardener, business owner and qualified clinical nutritional practitioner with a special interest in gut and mental health.

Her own personal health journey began at the age of 11 experiencing her first panic attack which was the onset of Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder. Through that journey Samantha discovered a lot about herself and those around her. Her journey ventured through mental health, digestive upset including IBS and SIBO, hormonal imbalances, methylation, thyroid condition, non-alcoholic fatty liver and adrenal fatigue.

That 20+ years of personal experience has led Samantha to where she stands today. A true anxiety warrior now helping others, sharing and expanding her knowledge daily.

Samantha believes it isn't just about what we eat, it is so much more. It's the biochemical reactions within the body, how we absorb, eliminate, move, think and feel.

There is so much passion in what Samantha does with a true desire to help you find energy and feel alive again.

"We are all unique. Let me show you how amazing YOU truly are!" - Sammy

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