My Consultations

My consultations are undertaken in a holistic approach, addressing all body systems, what and how you eat and any lifestyle choices impacting not only your concerns presented, but overall health.

I consider digestion, hormones, liver, adrenals, and thyroid function as well as any other body systems linked to your health concern. A tongue, eye and nail analysis may also be undertaken as well as integrative pathology testing, if necessary. A gentle approach is taken, offering emotional support and guidance throughout your health journey if required.

I believe symptoms and signs are the body’s way of communicating to us to make a change. Our body wants to protect us in every way it can. Together we can understand what those messages are and act upon them accordingly.

Consultations are in person at my home clinic in Heathwood, Queensland.  Unable to see me in person? No worries, I do offer phone, Skype and Zoom consultations. 

Your first appointment

At our first appointment we will spend time discussing your main health concerns, medical and family history and what you wish to gain out of your visit.

We will tailor a health plan to meet your individual needs, where I will explain the reasons why and how it will assist you in achieving the best outcome for your health.

We may also discuss the benefits of specific nutritional supplements or or testing at an additional cost to assist your health journey.  

At the end of your consult, I will create a plan of action to begin your health journey which will be forwarded to you.  This plan may include dietary and lifestyle changes, supplementation as well as other areas which I feel may support you. 


Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours)    $120.00

Follow up Consultation (45 – 60 mins)  $70.00

Short Follow up Consultation (up to 30 mins) $40.00

Private health fund rebates are available from participating health funds
*Cancellation of a booking with less than 24 hrs notice will incur a fee of $30.00 and prepayment for future bookings 



"Sam has helped me take the first steps towards a healthier and happier life. After many years suffering from Graves Disease and fatigue, I have a better understanding of my body and how to manage symptoms with a more successful and natural approach."

"My session was uplifting and positive. Sammy knows her stuff and allows you to be honest and open in a non judgmental way. She has helped me learn how to fuel my body in an easy manageable way. I'm feeling energetic and healthier."

"At the time I saw Sam I was training at a reasonable level, full time work, wife and mum..I wanted to ensure I was fueling myself the right way. My consultation turned into the start of me seriously looking after "me". I was blown away with how much she could tell about my health just from observing my eyes, tongue and skin. She knows her stuff and made me feel comfortable throughout the journey. I am now taking time to make sure this vessel lasts as many years as possible. Thank you for your professionalism and spot on advice and support."


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