Eat what’s right for you, nobody knows your body better than you do.


When we search “healthy” diets Google gives us over 909 million results, with many contradicting the other in terms of what’s actually “healthy” for us. No wonder we are confused about what to eat!

Today there are many diets to follow, paleo, low carb, low sugar, keto, low fat, clean, detox to name a few. In fact, many have been around for years, they’ve just been re-branded and re-marketed to you years later – they never really worked the first time!

As a Nutritionist, I have many people ask me “Which diet is the best one to follow?” and my answer is “Do what’s right for you, not what’s popular”. What might work for a friend may not work for you as we are all biochemically unique.  The diet your friend is on may make you tired or gain weight which is the opposite of what you may be trying to achieve.

A lot of “healthy” diets restrict nutritious foods YOUR body needs right now and include foods YOUR body doesn’t like right now. Ultimately, you may be fighting against your own biology and this is one of the many reasons why these diets are not sustainable.

So how do you know what your body wants?

Listen to your body cues. You’d be surprised at how amazing the body is at telling you it doesn’t like something or that it is craving something.  It does this through signs and symptoms such as moods, bowel movements, skin and energy levels. If we continue to ignore cues, which many of us in our busy lives do, our liver and gut in particular, get cranky which in turn makes us cranky and irritable. Listen and work with your body, she knows best. 

When you retrain yourself to understand body cues it empowers you to make choices as to whether or not you want to feel that way i.e. tired, irritable and bloated. The power is within you, not someone else, as to whether you reduce or remove and replace that food with another option. In clinic this is something I give guidance to as many of us have forgotten how to listen to our own bodies and are unsure why they are constantly craving sugars and salts for example.

We need to stop looking at food as healthy or unhealthy, bad or good, naughty and forbidden. It’s either nutritious or not and nutritious to your body may not be nutritious to someone else. The more nutritious food we eat, the better we feel. Food is to be enjoyed and sometimes not so nutritious food is good for our souls.

Learn what works for you, give yourself the power to make choices that result in more energy, clear skin and clarity.


Sammy x 


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