Our trip to Tropical Fruit World

On Sunday the boys, my mother, my grandmother and I headed down to Tropical Fruit World and what a day it was! Located in the Tweed, just south of the Gold Coast, Tropical Fruit World is so much more than a fruit farm. This has been on our to do list for quite some time and it exceeded my expectations. It really is an incredible place to visit!

Tropical Fruit World grows over 500 varieties of fruit from around the world. There is years of love in this family farm and when you visit, you get to see, taste, touch, smell and learn all about it. If you are interested in knowing more about the history of Tropical Fruit World, the owner has a video on his website.

Upon arrival, we immediately felt relaxed, being nestled amongst the rainforest, the tweed valley views and the sea breeze was enough to put me in a happy space.

The tour began at the tasting showroom where several types of fruits were talked about in great detail including where they originated, how they are grown and of course, the medicinal benefits of the fruits. My kids really enjoyed listening to this. For some reason it is much more interesting to listen to someone on a microphone talk about food benefits than their own mother. Go figure.

There were a few fruits we had not tasted and the boys were brave enough to try. My youngest, Liam, particularly liked the Soursop and my favourite was the guacamole, absolutely delicious. I was tempted to lick the bowl but that would’ve been frowned upon…right?

There were also homemade jams, honey, salad dressings and skin products which were available to sample and purchase. Of course, my kids sampled every single one of them… even the avocado eye cream!

After purchasing some mango butter (everyone loved this one), a large tractor pulling a trailer was waiting outside. We hopped onto the back and the plantation tour began.

We spotted so many different fruits growing all around us and the tour guide spoke about them in great detail. Liam felt it was important to point out all the avocados… and there were many! Some of the fruits included custard apples, mangos, lychees, guavas, papayas, jackfruit, miracle fruit, ice-cream bean and so many I’d never even herd of myself!

Halfway through the tour we stopped off to sample bananas and crack our own macadamia nuts. My kids thought this was so much fun even though they spat out half chewed macadamia nuts! Kids are so gross.

We continued our tour all the way to a place called the Island where we had 10 minutes to relax, sip on refreshing lemon myrtle water, enjoy putt putt, flying foxes and use the sporting equipment to kick a ball and run around. There was a miniature ride-on railway but unfortunately, it was out of service that day.

We said goodbye to our tour guide and met a new guide who would take as on the next part of our adventure, the riverboat cruise.

When we climbed on, we were surrounded by geese and the driver handed us all black sunflower seeds to feed the birds when we took off.

The cruise itself was enjoyed by all.

At the other end of the cruise we arrived at Fauna Park where we could feed a variety of animals such as donkeys, kangaroos, sheep, cows and goats. It was a $1 donation for a bag of food.

The tractor then picked us up and we headed back to the main entrance where we visited their shop and cafe for lunch.

The cafe menu showcases some of their own produce and we shared a jackfruit nachos which was delicious. The grandmas of course wanted to buy the boys an ice cream which was vanilla swirled through with fresh fruit from the farm. I didn’t have any myself but my grandma and the boys seemed very satisfied!

All up, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We arrived there at 10am, Qld time when it opened and left at 1:30pm, so if you do plan on going, please be mindful the tour itself goes for 2.5 to 3 hours. The fruits are seasonal so the experience will change depending on the time of year you go.

Adults are $47.00 and a child $25.00 however, they do offer family passes and if you know someone who lives in the tweed you get half price tickets!

Sammy x

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