Prebiotics, food for our gut bacteria

Gut health is key to overall health, including brain health. The good bacteria in our gut need food to thrive and this is where prebiotics come into play.

What are prebiotics? Fibre rich foods and essentially all that stuff that’s been taken out of convenient refined processed foods, go figure. Quite possibly one of the reasons why the western world is riddled with poor gut and mental health concerns, with depression on the rise. 

Prebiotics survive the acid and enzymes in the stomach and small intestine that kill bacteria, making its way comfortable into the colon for our microbiota to feast on.

Where do we get these prebiotics? In short, fruits and vegetables! Look for whole grains, eat whole fruits and veg – add raw and cooked. 

Some fibre rich foods also rich in complex sugars (which make our good gut bacteria super happy) include:

▪️chicory and endive

Warning: if you do have a compromised gut and suffer from IBS, a high fibre diet may not be right for you until steps are taken to heal your gut. 

Do you have enough fibre in your diet? 

Sammy xx

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