To juice or not to juice?

“Is juicing actually good for us?”, this is something I hear a lot. 
With so much mixed information out there, I decided to do a quick blog on my thoughts and findings.
We cold press juice in this house, not always because I really loathe cleaning it, but if I am making a juice everyone in our house gets one (makes it worth my time when I clean it afterwards!).
So what are the benefits to juicing for me and my family?
  • A quick dose of nutrients into everyone at the beginning of the day.
  • Good time to get adventurous with tricky veggies the kids won’t eat (almost any veggie can be juiced).
  • With fibre removed it’s a lot easier for our body to absorb nutrients straight into the bloodstream.
  • A great way to use up leftover veggies at the end of the week that are starting to look sad.

Some things to remember if you do decide to juice

  • It’s not a meal replacement. I like to look at it more as a “multivitamin”. Chances are you will get hungry sooner rather than later if you have it as a meal.
  • As the fibre is removed this means natural sugars from fruit are also absorbed quicker into the bloodstream.  This can disrupt blood sugar levels in some.  We stick to mainly veggies and use lime, lemon, mint or half an apple to add a bit of flavour.

If you don’t have a juicer but buy it from the store, it’s good to know… many store bought juices are full of sugar and contain almost no nutrients due to the pasteurisation process.  If you do buy store bought juice look for “cold pressed” fresh juice (as fresh as you can get!).

What juicer I love to use. 

I have personally struggled a lot with digestion over the years and found juicing at home to be very beneficial in absorbing extra nutrients into the body while giving my tummy a little rest.  With years of research I found the “cold pressed juicers” to be the most superior: –

  • More juice yield
  • Can juice leafy greens and sprouts better
  • Less heat conducted at a lower speed resulting in more enzymes and other nutrients going in
  • Much quieter than other juicers

That being said, these are more expensive. If you are just getting back into juicing I would suggest use what you already have to see how committed you will be with this new habit.

Oh, and if you have a bunch of pulp leftover… compost it or try experimenting with some recipes like veggie patties or veggie muffins.

Happy Juicing.

Sammy x

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